Re: muscle spasms and bowel obstruction questions

From: sherry (
Mon Jun 7 22:04:54 1999

Hello everyone, it's nice to see how we are growing! I suffer from back spasms quite often. I seem to have more muscle spasms the worse my adhesions get. All of my back gets very tight,swells up, and the muscles are very hard to the touch. My range of movement is very limited and it's very painful. I take the muscle relaxer called flexeril. I have had many surgeries for adhesions on the bowel and intestines. During a laparoscopy my intestine was nicked and I hemoragghed.Now my adhesions are too dense for surgery by laparoscopy, I have had many laparotomies. When I had bowel obstructions I could not eat, had horrific back pain, nausea, belching and uncontrolled vomiting. My symptoms for adhesions on the intestines and bowel are nausea, a feeling of fullness that extends under my ribcage, loss of appetite, and back pain. I also run a low grade temp. when my adhesions are really bad. I am filing for disability again, I was turned down the 1st time. My doctor has written a letter stating that I am totally disabled. If I get turned down again I will retain a Social Security Benefits consultant. I have worked for 25 years and would like the money I paid into the system. If anyone has gone through this experience and has some pointers, please let me know. My thoughts and prayers to all. Sherry

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