Re: pcp visit update-Toni

From: Christine M. Smith (
Tue May 25 11:15:29 1999

At Tue, 25 May 1999, toni welsh wrote: >
>At Tue, 25 May 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote:
>>At Mon, 24 May 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote:
>>>Well, I just got back from my pcp and he still thinks the problem has to
>>>do with my bowels. (did not say the adhesions and the bowels so I don't
>>>know what his thinking on that is at the moment) It just goes round and
>>>round. However he has agreed to check things out with a rheumatology
>>>screening panel and an xray of the rt sacroliliac joint which I'm having
>>>done tomorrow.
>>Well, I had the sacraliliac joint xray done this morning and I was very
>>uncomfortable lying on that cold, hard xray table. My right side (the
>>problem side) was very sore in that position (of course it wasn't as bad
>>in the doctor's office yesterday). My imagination is starting to run
>>away with me and I am starting to think some very gruesome thoughts.
>>Things like spinal mets. I don't want to hear bad news but also don't
>>want to hear that the xray is "normal". Another waiting game begins.
>I still am confused on the test you had today. what are they checking
>for, I see my pcp june 8th, and I hope he does something to check all
>these problems, just like you I am sick of feeling like this!
>keep us informed, I feel funy asking about colorectal surgeon, but I
>think all the trouble I am having trying to move bowels, I better!

Hi Toni:

The tests the doctor is ordering has nothing to do with adhesions. The rheumatology panel is screening for things like rheumatoid arthritis among other equally lousy things to have. My pcp mentioned something like polyserositis, not sure what that is yet. Probably some kind of an inflammation of the joints. It was the colo-rectal specialist who said his wife had this problem-long term abdominal/pelvic pain that felt like gyn pain she had had previously, all gyn things okay, ct scan negative (no crohns) she ended up at an orthopedic surgeon and I think he ordered a bone scan which showed an inflammation of the sacroliliac joint. From there she was sent to the rheumatologist, the guy who takes care of joint inflammation. (as in arthritis) The sacraliliac joint is where your hip bone joins your sacrum, the lower part of your vertebral spinal column just above your tailbone. Apparently pain from here can refer to the abdomen! All of the doctors at the time of my first problem 2 years ago asked me about my back, which has always been great. I had no back pain at all then, now I do. This could still be because of adhesions, or it may be completely unrelated. We'll know more when the xray and blood test results are back. I can't believe that the first adhesion I had released was not causing a problem. The obstruction on the video was quite obvious. It may be that I have 2 problems all rolled up into one big mess. In your case, I don't think what I'm having done is what you need. I think you are going to have to insist if you want to see the colo-rectal doctor or have more tests done. It seems like your doctors are not eager to do any more tests. I remember you saying that one of them did not want to do another colonosocpy cause he didn't want to stir anything up.


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