Re: My Online Friends Are Special !!!

From: Peggy (
Mon May 17 15:41:28 1999

At Mon, 17 May 1999, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>What a wonderful title Sarah chose for her web site! We all need to hear
>and know that we are special. In spite of adhesions and the chronic
>pain we live with day after day, we are special too!
>I am extremely greatful to Dr. Wiseman for having the vision and
>compassion to first of all register and organize a support group known
>as the International Adhesions Society (IAS) for us; and then too for
>the many hours which he has spent doing whatever was necessary to
>provide us with this adhesions forum on the Internet where we, who
>suffer from adhesions, can share our experience, strength and hope with
>one another. THANK YOU, DR. WISEMAN!!

Helen,I am sure that everyone agrees.This forum helps us know that we not alone in this.We all need all the support we can get from each other.As I do not feel that friends and loved ones know exactly what we are going through.I am amazed at how most of the letters that are written are so simalar to what I am going through.I TOO THANK DR. WISEMAN It is such a relief knowing that I am not alone

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