Re: Cindy

From: Dee (
Thu Apr 22 23:37:13 1999

Cindy, I just read your letter a little while ago, and really felt like we are in the same boat, so to speak. I too have had several surgeries, and am now going thru the same ole' familiar routine, of having a dr.altho he is a good one, putting me on a medication, and then telling me, that I shouldn't be on it, because it could cause me to be addicted or effect my bowels....just so I await another call from his office as they review my case again, and decide what to do. I was put on the medication to await the Lubricoat Gel that is due out, because he said I had a much better chance, altho he couldn't guarantee it, of not having the adhesions recur,if I waited for the he feels I am taking to much of the medication for the pain, (Lortab 7.5) and doesn't want to give me that anymore,,,,says they are at a loss....they say I either need to do the surgery now, or go to a pain management center. I told them, I don't have insurance for all the things, and was just trying to wait on the I don't know what they will do. The pain is unreal.....I can only be on my feet for periods of time. I have slept in the recliner for the last 3 months, because I can't lay in my bed. SO like you, I do know the frustration......just wanted to let you know, you aren't alone....and I'm sure there are plenty of us...just takes everyone a while to start writing. I didn't plan on it, until I read your message, and knew I could have written it myself, almost, to the T! God bless you! You have my prayers......

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