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From: Denise Olson (
Tue Apr 20 21:16:23 1999

At Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Toni Welsh wrote: >
>At Sat, 17 Apr 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote:
>>At Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Toni Welsh wrote:
>>>At Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote:
>>>>Well, I finally got up the nerve and called my pcp to ask for a referral
>>>>to a colo-rectal surgeon. The pcp approved the referral so now I am
>>>>hoping to get answers to some of the questions I've been asking. These
>>>>doctors treat colon-rectal disorders as well as do surgery. The one I
>>>>am going to also has a website. I am optimistic this visit is going to
>>>>be productive.
>>>>To those of you who have bowel adhesions, do you get weird sensations?
>>>>This is a weird feeling in my "problem area" , it isn't cramping or gas
>>>>pain, just a feeling like a muscle twitch. Other times it feels like my
>>>>gut is tightening , almost like, but not quite as strong as, braxton
>>>>hicks contractions in pregnancy. Does this sound familiar to anyone or
>>>>am I nuts?
>>>I do not remember the contractions, I did not have hard label, I was
>>>csection. But the tightening in the abdomen is akmost constant! I use
>>>the work very constricting, and that is when I cannot get up from
>>>sitting, and I pulled side ways to get in the car tonight, and it hurt
>>>really bad to twist the way I did. I also get sharp pulling and small
>>>stabbing pains that just are there when ever, they pop up at any time,
>>>since the neurotin, seem that it may be helping that alittle, makes it
>>>easier to do things. Let me know how your appt. goes, please I am
>>>afraid to ask about one, I am afraid the pcp will think I am crazy! But
>>>I think the biggest problem with me was that transverse colon had stuck
>>>to the pelvic floor, and suppooesed to ne across your navel, also
>>>extensive adhesions tho, on all the loops of small bowel.
>>>Talk to you soon!
>>Hi Toni:
>>Looks like this is becoming our private forum here. Braxton Hicks
>>contractions aren't labor contractions, they are a tightening of the
>>abdomen (I assume in pregnancy its the uterine muscle, but maybe not)
>>that occurs periodically starting about 5 or 6 months and getting much
>>stronger as the pregnancy progresses.I told the GI doc this is what I
>>felt and I found it so weird. He looked at me like I was crazy and said
>>you mean labor pain? I said NO. So apparently he didn't know what I was
>>talking about either!
>>I woke up several times through the night last night in a LOT of
>>pain-this is low down in the abdomen and I feel it in my back. I
>>haven't had this before. Today I can't straighten up, but am walking
>>kind of hunched over. I did about one hour of gardening yesterday,
>>surely it couldn't have caused this pain.
>>It may be possible for you to see a colo-rectal surgeon without asking
>>your pcp, if your insurance does not require a referral. The one I am
>>going to does not require referrals , a patient can make his/her own
>>appointment. Did you check out the website address I sent in an e-mail?
>>A Colo-rectal surgeon would be interested in your transverse colon and
>>if he said it was really not a potential problem, I would believe him.
>>There is nothing wrong with getting an independent opinion, it isn't
>>like you are signing up for surgery. Colo-rectal surgeons also treat
>>colon disorders such as IBS. I told my pcp that's what I wanted-another
>>opinion to answer the questions that haven't been answered yet. I guess
>>he thought it was reasonable. I don't have to have his approval, but my
>>insurance will pay more if I get it.
>Hi Chris,
>This will be short i have to see my grandmother, she is getting weaker
>and I want to go to see her and spend some time with her today.
>You said that your pain had started going to your back, I have had that
>too and cannot understand that either, but this weekend has been awful,
>I had alot of pain the kind that feels likee you cannot staighten up,
>and when you do the entire incision is very tight, and when you
>straighten up it is stiff and pulls, then the other pulling pain was
>there agian, it was on the right first and goes over to the left, the
>sharp pains were there too, just when I think I can tolerate it,things
>flare up, oh well, you do start to learn to deal with it alittle!
>When do you see that surgeon chris? let me know how it goes, I hope you
>are okay, I am doing fair so far today, if I get my bowels going, I
>should feel better. That is getting to me, struggling with the bowels.
>I do wish I knew if the transverse colon has fallen agian, the same
>pains are there as last summer, but even if it would have my drs say not
>to worry, they worry more about the small intestine, b/c there were
>adhesions running the entire small bowel, so I dont know, then another
>dr worries about the colon, he says it is not healthy for it to be stuck
>to pelvic floor, this is my frustrations!
>Take care I am getting ready to go see grandma, I hope I get aliitle
>more time before something happens to her!

Hello, my name is Denise and I suffer with massive adhesions in my abdomen. I have been waiting for this forum. I wanted to say that I have never given birth! However, the pain that I have experienced with my adhesions is probably as close to child birth as I will ever get.
I will not have anymore surgeries, I just can't go through that again. Anyway, I see a Pain Specialist here in Seattle.
I fell like I've got my life back, for the most part anyway.
Love to hear from you ladies.

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