Re: GYN will not do any tests-Toni

From: Toni Welsh (
Tue Apr 20 10:34:21 1999

At Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote: >
>At Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Toni Welsh wrote:
>>My husband spoke with my gyn yesterday, and asked him about the ORS
>>thing, I stopped taking my premarin, and one dr said that if I had no
>>hot flashes or night sweats that a blood test and ultrsound could be
>>done to see if the estrogen was still being produced in my body, that a
>>piece of ovary could have been stuck so bad(as it was) and ultasound
>>WOULD show that! The gyn said there was no test s to due, ut he would do
>>an estrogen test, and see what that said, so I guess he is listening
>>some, but now I am so angry b/c when my husband told him when I was in
>>and out of the truck and I twisted one way and the adhesions pulled so
>>bad, I doubled over it hurt so bad then, usually it is just the stabbing
>>now and then, but the constricting pain there is CONSTANT, and he told
>>my husband I will not be able to do the things I used to do and I will
>>have to change my way of living, that upset me! I am seeing pcp tomorrow
>>to see if he will see if something else may be brewing, I do not
>>understand the pain in my legs when trying to walk, and the pain is alot
>>in groin area, that seems strange!
>>I am so frustrated I could scream, I told him now of my drs are going to
>>help, he did say I do not want to do ANYTHING with her abdomen for
>>awhile, she needs to let things settle after all the surgery last year,
>>and that was 3 in 5 months!
>>Frustrated STILL, Toni
>Hi Toni:
>My gyn told me that the vast majority of women do not have any
>menopausal symptoms. This is coming from someone who treats LOTS of
>women. I don't know how true it is, have no way of knowing, but the
>fact that you are not having hot flashes or night sweats does not
>necessarily mean you still have estrogen production. The blood test
>should tell, but I've read that even that is *controversial*-don't know
>what to think about that.

I heard that too chris, so I am just going to skip it, although, after surgery I had severe night sweats , and it woke me up all the time. I am going to see if there are any tests pcp can order, incase there is something else besides just adhesions, my aunt.s friend, had a barium enema, and that is how they found a kink in her bowel, and she has to have surgery, so I did ask GI dr last time, he did not check the transverse colon, just small bowel, can a pcp order any tests chris? Somebody has to do SOMETHING!


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