From: Brenda (
Mon Apr 19 11:38:08 1999

Hi everyone, I feel so sorry for all of you. I too am an adhesion suffer. I have been on pain meds. (Lots) for the last 3 yrs. I had a lysis of adhesions operation that went bad. The Dr. nicked my bowel I became "septic" was in a coma and had a stroke. Well of course the adhesion are back even worse. I suffer every three months or so with a ilius, that means my bowel freezes. I have an NG tube inserted and they drug me up hoping and praying it goes away because of what happened to me no Dr. wants to touch me. I pray everyday for reliefe. I hope to go out of state someday and find some who can help. I don't like living on all these narcotics and, I am still to young just to give up. God left me here for a reason so there must be hope for us all somewhere. Please if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to e-mail me at your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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