Re: Trazadone-Toni

From: Trudy Singleton (
Mon Apr 19 08:10:35 1999

Please take me off this list. I do not wish to get this. Why was I not removed from before. Please take me off this list !

Thank you

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Hi Toni:

I have commented several times on the effect trazadone has on the intestines and you have never responded to it. My friend tried trazadone for its sleep inducing qualities and her bowel stopped functioning for 10 days! Isn't this something you should consider since you have such major bowel troubles? The trazadone could very well be making them so lazy, not the sennokot, although I'm sure that doesn't help.

Glad to hear the neurontin is working for you and that you are getting some relief with the pain.

I got a message from Helen yesterday telling me that this forum was "not ready" and one from David Wiseman today telling me that it will become more popular with time, so I am really confused as to the status of this forum. I sure hope others out there will be adding to it soon.

Chris S.

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