Re: chris!!

From: Christine M. Smith (
Fri Apr 16 07:58:23 1999

At Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Toni Welsh wrote: >
>here we are found a forum for adhesions, and we cannot get things going.
>I was looking so forward to this, and am patiently trying to get people
>here! the girls on the endo forum do not understand that people withotu
>endo have extrene pain with adhesions, the year has been awful for me,
>and I was hoping we could get some support, and try to give some to all
>the women who we saw suffered from adhesions on that forum, I hope you
>are well!
>take care of yourself, and hopefully the forum will get goign soon, I
>was glad you told me it was running, or I would not have know, maybe the
>word is not out yet! Hopefully it does!

Hi Toni: I guess we have to be a bit more patient. I know, I am impatient too! I guess more people will have to find it by accident because I haven't found any links yet. The thing I find most frustrating about any of these forums is that you rarely hear of any *success* stories. I guess they serve as *support groups* which is good, but surely there are some people out there who have successful outcomes of problems with adhesions. (my general surgeon insisted that there are)I can not believe *everyone* is being told to live with it. I suspect what happens (and I've been told this by other forum participants) that when someone has a good outcome, they generally don't hang around (for a variety of reasons) and get on with their lives. So for those of us who have not accepted a "learn to live with it" verdict, it is very depressing (and upsetting) to read about those who have accepted this. For example, when I read your last post I thought "I can not believe she is going to accept the opinion of a few doctors and a pain clinic". In the end, it might come to where you are at, but if it were me, I'd always be wondering "maybe if I looked harder.....". In your case, at the very least, I would consult a colo-rectal surgeon, especially since you have other bowel problems. Another thing-what does the pain clinic mean by "when the treatment with meds are over". Why is it ever going to be over? I can see if it never works, then they might stop it, but surely not if you get some success.


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