pelvic adhesions

From: Toni Welsh (
Thu Apr 15 13:58:55 1999

I am thankful to Christine for telling me this forum is up and running, I have not had a chance to read any posts yet, but was hoping to tell part of my story.

I have had 6 laparotomies, and numerous laps for infertility, over the years, but since exactly a year ago things got really bad, I had a scheduled lap and the dr coverted to laparptomy right away b/c he told my husband he could not even find the last ovary which on ultrasound he had found a mass, and was hoping he could just go in to remove the right ovary, although he was trying to save it. He had found that the bowel had moved to the right side, and had my ovary stuck to the muscle in my right leg, and that was why I could not stand to walk too far. He went in and took down adhesions that were basically on the bladder, but he said the omentum was seriously attached to the abdominalw all, and removed part of that thinking the adhesions would not come back since the omentum is usually were they attach, but they were all over the bowels, and bladder, and he lysed them all and removed ovary so I did not have to have anymore surgery.

The surgery took about 3 hours, and I was home in four days! I stared to have ALOT of pain with in 3 weeks, but I thought it was still from surgery, and I called him and he said he may have to do a lap to see why I was in so much pain, but he chose to treat me with pain meds, and it did not help, at 9 weeks he sent me to general surgeon thinking it was form nerve entrapment, and they did steroid injections, which made things worse, I refused the third shot, and kept on telling thegyn I had terrible pain. I saw him and he did pelvic exam, and we talked the exam sent me almost of the table, so he did a lap in aug to try to see what the pain was form, and to see if he could take down hopefully filmy adhesion, it was only 4 months post op, but when he went in he did an open lap, very dmall incision, and said that he could not get the scope too far in and could on;ly remove adhesions on the roght side, but that he could not find where the bowel was, and the pelvis was covered with extensive dense adhesions, worse than in apri, and he would do another laparotmy soon, when I chose too, I had not recovered fully from the last one, we tried to hold off for awhile, but I was worried about bowel, and the pain was bad.

the laparotomy was in sept, and he found the transverse colon had fallen and attcahed itself to the pelvic floor and was smothering the small bowel, so they cleaned it all up ,and put the bowels in place, removing the rest of the omentum, and lysed adhesions from every loop of bowel, after surgery he came in and told me it was like working a puzzle and it was hard to see where things were supposed to go, the only part of the bowel that had filmy adhesions were the sigmoid colon. I was in the hosptail 6 days, and the pain started again.

I am six months post op , and going to pain center, I have had alot of pain and deliberating pain for awhile, and now I have to hope that new barriers will come out SOON.

I have asked the dr, my second opinion dr said something abotu ovrian remnant, I have had a small amount of relief sine the pain center had stared neurotin 2 weeks ago, but the pain on the right side is very hard, and that pain will NOT go away! This got too long hope to hear from you all soon! SO GLAD TO BE HERE!

Toni Welsh

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