Re: my adhesion story-Laura

From: Karen O'Keefe (
Thu Apr 15 10:41:58 1999

Hi Chris,

I've had severe attacks for about 15 years which sound similar to yours. I have massive abdominal adhesions as well as endo and have been deemed "inoperable". When I have gas pain attacks, I quickly take some charcoal tablets - if you don't have those, take some OTC maximum strength gas geltabs - and do it as soon as you notice it coming on. The charcoal tablets take a little longer to work, it seems, but it's much gentler on your system, very natural. If I wait too long, it becomes a full-blown attack which is not only excruciatingly painful, but it takes a long time to recover. My body becomes exhausted from the pain.

My symptoms are brought on by hunger, some kinds of foods, needing to have a bowel movement (which is painful enough as it is), stress. It's a daily occurrence but I've learned to take action to try to deal with it.

Just thought you might want to give this a try. My doctors think it's ridiculous but I have to tell you, it really works for me. Good luck!

Karen O'Keefe

> > > > able to h > >elp me and if it is successful, I will let all of you know. In the meantime, pray for me - that I do not have an obstruction and I get to this new guy before I HAVE to have obstruction surgery! Keep me posted Christine, I had the "scope" procedure done and my gastro too, said he didn't see anything (yet, my old surgeon said my insides were so sticky he thought he would have to put me on the bag AND I was a very high risk for more surgery). Be careful with your choice in doctors - ask a lot o > > Hi Laura: > Where are your adhesions problems? I couldn't tell from your post. You > have had surgery for an obstruction? Where was it? What did it feel like > before you had the surgery? > The initial attack I had in June 1997 and the one I had about 6 weeks > ago both felt the same. They started with mid abdominal, bilateral pain > that feels exactly like what I remember as menstrual pain. Enough to > make me want to walk kind of hunched over. Eventually my entire gut > gets sore and I try not to jar it as I go through my daily activities. > There is never any nausea at this point (which differentiates it from > menstrual pain because that would usually cause nausea when it was this > bad) After about 12 hours of this, both times I developed a fever around > 100-101, which lasted both times about 12 hours. The first time this > was the end and the acute pain went away and the soreness remained > indefinitely.The last time (6 weeks ago) 2 days after the start, I had a > severe gas attack,including periumbilical pain and tenderness, along > with intermittent right sided abdominal pain. I could actually hear > explosions in my abdomen, along with a lot of creaking and groaning. > (very loud bowel sounds) With each crescendo of gas pain, there were > waves of nausea. I was not totally obstructed because I was eventually > able to pass most of this gas. After this, I recovered and the soreness > gradually went away after a few days. Does this sound like anything you > had? I'm also not sure that obstruction of the sigmoid colon (which is > what I worry about) would cause these type of symptoms, but then I > wonder if possibly a loop of small bowel could be involved. I feel like > my life is on hold while I'm waiting for "It" to happen. > It has been my experience if there is any convincing to be done, it is > always on my part! The gyn took 9 months to do the first lap, the > general surgeon wasn't too eager either. > Have you had any contrast xrays done, such as barium or ct scans? > > Chris S.

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