Found this forum by accident

From: Christine M. Smith (
Thu Apr 15 07:39:33 1999


I just wanted to say that although I've been on the mailing list (I think) for quite awhile, I never received notice of this forum! I discovered it by accident by reading one of Helen's responses on the endo forum on

Helen, what happened to the next installment of your story? I was just at the gynecologist to rule out any reason in that department for the problems I continue to have. I don't have the confidence you have that my problems are definitely caused by reformation of the adhesions I once had! I've gotten the impression that pelvic/abdominal pain can be fairly nonspecific. Just because it feels like the same thing does not necessarily mean it is the same.

The gyn seemed relieved that I didn't think the problems are being caused by a gyn disorder and that I wasn't looking to him for an answer. (other than my gyn exam was normal, which I got) However, he did say "one thing you don't need is any more surgery!" This made me a little angry coming from him, an infertility specialist, because I know he will stop at nothing to achieve pregnancy, even if it means multiple surgeries. Apparently pregnancy is an okay goal, but pain relief is not. There are no guarantees with either, and both situations can be made worse by surgery. Just a little venting on my part I guess.

Since any problems I am still having seem to be in the lower colon region, my next step is a colo-rectal surgeon. Has anyone been to one of them? I'm not going for more surgery, but for an opinion about the problems having a sigmoid colon pulled over and stuck to the right pelvic wall might cause.

Chris S.

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