My Experience

From: April A. Brady (
Sun Feb 24 19:20:10 2013

In the last two years I have had three knee replacements in the left knee as a result of the adhesions. Each surgery resulted in the development of more scar tissue inside the knee, around the tibia and the femur. The last surgery in November 2012 was to detach my quad muscle from my femur. I have now developed heterotrophic ossification in the quad muscle due to the trauma associated with the detachment of my quad from my femur.

My adhesions are dense and thick, similar to an external keloid. Unlike most adhesions that are flimsy and resembe fatty tissue mine take on a different form that asues blockage, restricted movement, inability to bend the knee or the leg and have left me disabled and unable to walk without assistance of a cane.

I also have adhesions in my abdomen as a result of surgery to remove fibroids. My organs are attached to each other via adhesions nad the adhesions have the same dense, thick texture of a external keloid. I have had to change my diet to accommodate the development of adhesions on my intestines. I can no longer eat dairy or any types of meats. Occassionally my stomach can tolerate some seafood but I primarily eat a vegetarian/vegan type diet. I no longer can digest food that is high in sugar, it forces me to throw up. I agree this has changed my life and I suffer from depression as a result of this. I just wish I could find some answers. Is this genetically based or blood based. I fear haveing to receive any type of surgery becasue I know that scar tissue will develop internally adn lead to more severe issues. I wish there was a diagnosis and treatment as to why this occurs.

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