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Dear Michelle, I am also in the health care field and noone understands the pain we edur daily. i have suffered from adhesions now for about 22 years. had one surgery to get rid of them it only brought them back more intense.. i will not undergo another surgery for them i try to eat less at each meal and avoid all fiber ... that makes it worse... I use biofreeze to help with the pain that i have in my belly daily.. the bowel movements are not at all what they should be and i feel it but i go on daily because i have to income the number one reason there are days i want to just give it in but i say tommorrow will be a better day... you must go on and try to live with this condition in all my years involved in this site i have seen nothing that works with our condition.. drs do not understand nor do our peers... i wear loose clothing and just go on each day in my job.. I have worked in my current position for 18 years and I will not let this get the best of me.. Just hang in there and try different types of foods that agree with you. I drink lots of water daily an eat very little but enough to keep me going... i am not underweight or over weight i seem to maintain what i have.. THE ONE THING I KNOW IS I WILL NOT UNDERGO ANOTHER SURGERY .i do have bowel obstructions and feel the pain for days but i then take liquid drinks and it seems to pass and all is relieved.. do not let this get you down ok. You can live with it I have done it now for 20+ years no surgery not hospitlizations .. ITS MIND OVER MATTER ... i HOPE THIS HELPS YOU SOMEWHAT... NANCY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE.. XO Nancy

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That sounds bad. I am not a dr. but I know that pain. It happens to me maybe your track is getting narrowed don't give up .

At Fri, 28 Sep 2012, michelle wrote: > >I am two days out of the hospital! I guess you can call me a frequent >flyer there. I was admitted this time again for nasua, vomiting, and >dehydration. They never realy know what to do with me but rehydrating >me and getting me backon solid foods.I was in this time for eleeven >days. This was my third hospital stay in six months. > >I have hAD five abdominal surgeries over the years and have no female >organs left.My last surgerie around three years ago was to remove >adhesions and became a bowel resection and a long recovery. Im told >this surgerie was very dangerous and I continue to have PAIN and >periodic vomiting and bowel issues constantly. this visit to the >hospital was the topping on the cake. I consulted with many docters and >they said they would not touch me unless I had a bowel obstruction again >or I was dying. I also was told by a surgion that adhesions do not >cause PAIN...... WOW REALY THEN IT MUST BE IN MY HEAD! I have missed >six weeks of work and I was not a very dependable employee previously >because of constant pain and vomiting and bowel issues. I have or >should I say had a great job that I worked hard to achieve but they are >not being very supportive of course they have a bussiness to run I >understand and I work in the health care field with children. I am also >the primary income. I lost a 20 year marriage because of all this >nonsense and recently remarried a wonderful man but how much will he be >able to take is the question. >

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