Re: Ovarian cyst or adhesions

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Sun Jan 27 14:38:50 2013

There is no way to know for sure until they do surgery.

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>Subject: Re: Ovarian cyst or adhesions
>is it a cyst or clump of cells that is covered in adhesions??
>all of my cysts are covered in adhesions. However I am
>curious how yours are showing on scans aswell.....Please let
>me know if you figure this out.
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>Subject: Ovarian cyst or adhesions
>Hi, I am new here and would like some advice.  A bit of history forst I
>suffer with adhesions, I am in pain daily but luckily not so severe that
>I cant get on with my life.
>I had a hysterectomy 5yrs ago, ovaries were left in as adhesions were so
>bad took 5hrs to get to my womb.  Two years ago scan I was having for
>kidney stones, showed a mass on my ovary.  CA125 bloods were normal,CT
>scan showed the same.  My gynae and I decided to operate, on opening me
>up, there was no mass just adhesions.
>Now this month another routine scan shows a cyst on my ovary 10cm.  Saw
>my gynae today who is convinced its the adhesions again, he has referred
>me for a urgent MRI, again CA125 nrmal range.  I am going through the
>menopause, but last few months my pain has been getting slightly worse,
>and if there is something there, then obviously I want it out.
>Has anyone had this experience where adhesions show as mass and cysts?
>Also on reading about adhesions it does say they dont show up on
>x-rays/scans, so how do mine show as a cyst.
>Any words of your experiences would be great, just feelig tired all the


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