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Hi everyone,   With all of the inquiries lately concerning doctors and surgery I am compelled to write,   In 2006 I went to the Cayman Islands and had surgery with Dr. Reich and while I was there he was contacted by one of the doctors from Germany (do not remember his name) asking if it would be possible for him to start practicing in the Cayman Islands also (do not know detail).  I do not know if this ever became of anything but Dr. Reich's assistant at the time was Dr. Barry Ritcher who has a practice in the Cayman Islands.  My surgery was performed at the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital.   My surgery was 13 hours long and I ended up in intensive care for 2 days.  My experience, as sick as I was, could not have been any better.  I do continue to struggle with the disease, I have had two surgerys since then.  Dr. Gearhart in Pa. has been my surgeon since 2002.  Dr. Reich did attend my surgery in Pa.  which was 4 months after the Caymans.  This surgery a product called Adept was used.  I have had 1 surgery since then in 2010 were Dr. Gearhart used the new version of spray gel (horrible).    To date I am now living in Georgia and continue to struggle with adhesions.  I am taking durgesic patch for pain which seems to be the only thing that helps this pain and I also do massage therapy and physical therapy.  The massage therapy to me is to important.  Since I have moved to Georgia (3 months ago) I have just found someone and explained to her that I consider the massage as my surgery from the outside  I know it will not get rid of all of the adhesions but it sure does help.  It takes time and is very painful but definitely worth it.   If anyone would like information on the doctors I have mentioned you may email me personally.    I do stand by surgery is the last resort and encourage everyone to try therapy and give it time, but I also know what it is like to hit your end.   I do wih the best for everyone.   Jeanne Aughenbaugh .. > Subject: ADHESIONS digest 1502
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> Hi Lisa
> I know what you are going through, I have had surgery with Dr. Jay Redan
and > he is a Godsend. He is in Central Florida and I luckily live here. He
> literally saved my life 2 years ago and he is the Very Best when it comes
to > knowledge on adhesions.
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> > Lisa, I have met twice with Dr. Jay Redan. Although I have not had
surgery > with him, he is the most knowledgable doctor (regarding adhesions), that I
> > have ever met. When I finally reach the poin of no longer being able to
> > deal with my issues, I will only allow Dr. Redan to do my surgery.
> >
> > Katie
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