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Miralax is the best thing I've had experience with. Once you know how works for you, the amount and duration of use can be taylored to specific need. It's never caused pain or cramping and doesn't work like bulk-producing agents which tend to cause me more obstructions. Reba

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The problem with that is that your body becomes dependent on laxatives, even something as simple as Magnesium.  It will work great for a few years but then what?   Also, Magnesium can cause muscle pain if you take too much.  I know this from experience.   Katie  

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> I have had 7 bowel obstructions in 3 years. The last time I was in the
> hospital my surgeon told me to keep my bowels loose so put me on Colace
> and Senakot 2 of each every night before bed. This has made a huge
> difference, no obstructions since! The other issue is exercise. Be VERY
> gentle! I overdid stretching in the pool, thought I was being gentle and
> almost ended up in the hospital the next day! Walking is great and very
> gentle stretching. Acupuncture can help with the pain in some people. I
> also see a cranio-sacral specialist who is gentle. Helps somewhat. If
> you don't want to try the colace and senakot try magnesium. Up the dose
> til your bowel movements are loose, usually 3-4 pills a day. Magnesium
> is also good for you, most of us are lacking in it. Hope this helps.

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