Multiple surgeries for abdominal adhesions

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a general surgeon would help your ob. My surgeons worked as a team. Good luck On Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 8:41 AM, IAS Admin <> wrote: Sender: Dawn <> Subject: Re: Multiple surgeries for abdominal adhesions

Well, more surgeries make more adhesions, but I get maybe a six month window of a little relief after having one, but.... After my 8th (in which I almost died) one the surgeon said that no on should ever go back in my belly/pelvis ever, unless it's life threatening (bowl obstruction, etc) as the adhesions are just too bad.  It's a slippery slope unfortunately, and there is no easy answer to this ugly disease. I have a specialist in almost every specialty u can think of to try to deal with all the issues the adhesions cause. On surgery my gyn did it with the assistance of. General surgeon as I felt more comfortable since he had worked on me before- maybe this is something u can suggest if you have to go down that road. Good luck!

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> Subject: Multiple surgeries for abdominal adhesions
> Hi I have had three C-sections, one lap to remove extensive adhesion's,
> and in Feb.  had to have Open Total Abdominal Hysterectomy.  I have been
> in terrible pain and My GYN said I may need another surgery to remove
> adhesion's.  But she said maybe I might need a general surgeon, which
> scares me cause I really only trust her.  She said some women have to
> have it done possible once a year for years.  I have had ultrasounds,
> CT's of course these tests do not show scar tissue but GYN is guessing
> that these adhesion's are starting to connect to other organs.  I am not
> sure how much more of this I can take.  Just when I think I am done with
> surgeries, seems like I am not.  Is there anyone that has had the same
> problems? Would I really need surgiers for the rest of my life? It is
> getting bad and now my bladder hurts so bad and I am even starting to
> have a hard time eating a full meal.  Please any ifo would be great.

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