general anesthesia & multiple surgeries...

From: dorothy (
Sun Aug 26 10:37:54 2012

Hey all, with 3 major SBO surgeries in 3 yrs & 2 mos. time, I noticed I aged terribly afterwards, well... I mean I was 48 with the first one, so I was naturally at that wonderful time of life when the crow's feet and circles under the eyes become more common. BUT it really, really seems pronounced now - no one disputes it when I say I look quite aged now for a 51 yr old compared to others in my age bracket.

This is from someone who has never smoked cigarettes, haven't had an alcoholic drink since I was 17, been taking vitamins since I was 17, ran marathons, cycle daily, etc.

Has anyone else with major surgeries noticed this also? I know the general anesthesia supposedly is awfully hard on the body, so I am thinking that is the culprit.... or maybe the incessant worry that at any given moment another SBO from the adhesions could occur... :0/

Thanks for "listening"!


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