Pain after Whipple surgery - adhesions - Anyone else with this?

From: Dr. David Wiseman (
Wed Aug 22 20:02:50 2012

Just got off the phone with Holly who emailed me as follows: "I just returned from laparoscopic surgery to remove a hernia that ended up being thick adhesions. The surgeon noted that my liver is stuck to my diaphragm and adhesions are wrapped around the bile ducts and could not be resolved. Is there really nothing that can be done? My whipple was 8 years ago and the RUQ pain that stops my breathing is terrible. I am desperately seeking options."

To get an idea of what this feels like see here:

Holly gets at least 3 attacks per day, and sometimes up to 17.

There is also a FB page for people with this

We would like to hear from others who have this. It seems that there are quite a few people who have all been told that this is in their head, they are making this up etc.... sound familiar?

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