sbio and allergic reaction

From: james (
Tue Aug 14 18:30:11 2012

I have had a whole body allergic reaction that has been biopsied and proved as a hypersensitive allergy. They could not pin point the origin but the only ongoing problem I have is management of the adhesions and sbio the will and has contributed to unpredictable bowel movements and consistent changes in the movement. I am now going to the final step in locating the source of the allergy as it has been on my face, scalp, ears, back, underarm, groin, and spots elsewhere. I am now treating topically with cortizone cream and other topical ointments. The Keflex and Doxicyclene did nothing as well as the Bactraban. Pregnazone did however relieve the symptom but they came back soon after the scrip was finished. Ears were the final cross off as far as point of origin. Now I am focusing on the bowel being the point and what biotics I may need to help. This is if what I am deducing is correct. Natural herbs are also in my diet. Golden seal and echanacia. Any one with similar secondary ailment?

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