I need HELP!

From: Lisa Krueger (soccermom1963@aol.com)
Mon Jul 30 17:24:01 2012

I have had nurmerous abdominal surgeries! The last one was in 09 for a double blockage. I am now suffering horrible constipation. I need a Dr. that deals with adhesions. I live near Chicago, IL. I also need a support network that I can e-mail. I need to talk to others who are going through this horrible ordeal. I want to know about a Dr Reich, Dr. Jay Redan, or a Dr. Thomas Lyons. Any help in this matter I would appreciate. I also need to know about the Dr. in Germany that deals in adhesions. I am willing to go anywhere to get the help that I need. I don't want this to win. I am a fighter and I will beat this. I think the work that you are doing here is great. I see that so much more needs to be done. Praying for all here.

Lisa Krueger

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