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I've been on Social Security since 2004 because of long term pain management for ARD. Don't give up.

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Hello All,

I have not posted in a while.  Last year at this time, I was in the hospital for 30 full days..  I had a bowel obstruction (six surgeries in the past)..  The day I was sent home last year, I went right back in with a post surgical obstruction.  Well, I went a whole year not feeling that great.  Just two weeks ago, I was back in the hospital for six days for a partial obstruction.

This brings me to my question.  Does anybody have a good suggestion for a pain management doctor in the Bay Area, California? I went to go see my pain doctor today- and to my surprise- he just typed away on his computer as I was explaining that I was just in the hospital again.  He takes absolutely NO INTEREST in me or my condition.  Just thinks I am in there for the drugs..  He does not seem to care that I just spilled my guts out to him that my life is slowly slipping away from me...  I am only 44, have two small children and am a single dad....  He just keeps typing away on his computer, writes me my scripts and says I will see you in a month....  I even asked him what I should be doing since I am starting to miss way too much work and my WHOLE LIFE is starting to fall apart- His response- "wow, you have a really complicated situation, I really don't know what to tell you to do"....  I mean REALLY...  Come on..  I even asked if he had any other clients that had the same issues as me..  He said, "Yes, she is in the same shape as you and there is not much she can do".....  Again, REALLY?????????

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