Adhesions after a Lobectomy

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Mon Jul 30 16:53:03 2012

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I am sorry to hear you have adhesions in your chest!!!! Is that painfull? I am terrified of mine spreading up from abdomen. In response to your question my grandmother has them around her heart, and my cousin has them around her galblader, stomach, and liver as well as abdomen. I hope you get help soon, Good luck to you.

  On Sun, May 20, 2012 at 5:30 PM, IAS Admin <> wrote: Sender: (Layla) Subject: Adhesions after a Lobectomy?

I have a horrible problem with adhesions.  I had two lobes of a lung removed 10 years ago, developed adhesions and cannot find anyone with the same problems that I have in this upper chest area.  I am very discouraged about it.  Anyone have any encouragement or can you refer me to anyone with the same type of problems I have? Thank you so much.

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