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Tue Aug 14 18:29:21 2012

Hi Lisa, you can feel free to email me anytime. It's tough when generally there isn't anyone close that knows what your going through, at least another ARD person anyways. Dawn

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> Lisa,
> Although I have not had surgery for my adhesions (yet), I met with Dr.
> Redan twice in '08. When the time comes for me to finally go under the
> knife for this, I refuse to go to anyone but him. He's the only doctor I
> have ever met (and I have seen MANY!), that understands what I am
> describing. He believes, without a doubt, that he can help those that
> suffer from ARD.
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>> Subject: I need HELP!
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>> Subject: I need HELP!
>> I have had nurmerous abdominal surgeries! The last one was in 09 for a
>> double blockage. I am now suffering horrible constipation. I need a
>> Dr. that deals with adhesions. I live near Chicago, IL. I also need a
>> support network that I can e-mail. I need to talk to others who are
>> going through this horrible ordeal. I want to know about a Dr Reich,
>> Dr. Jay Redan, or a Dr. Thomas Lyons. Any help in this matter I would
>> appreciate. I also need to know about the Dr. in Germany that deals in
>> adhesions. I am willing to go anywhere to get the help that I need. I
>> don't want this to win. I am a fighter and I will beat this. I think
>> the work that you are doing here is great. I see that so much more
>> needs to be done. Praying for all here.
>> Lisa Krueger

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