adhesion specialist in MA, RI or NY?

From: Meg (
Sat Jul 28 18:01:05 2012

I had an appy in 1988. Since then I have had 3 surgeries of Lysis of adhesions. The last surgery was in 2003, but now the pain is coming back. I saw a really great GI Dr in Providence, RI. He was the first doctor to suggest that I get and EMR (x-ray) while I am feeling well. Then when the adhesions are causing pain he will give me an emergency EMR....I will go to the emergency room and be set up for another x ray. Does any one know of an adhesions specialist in MA, RI or NY? Somehow the pain seems to coordinate with ovulation and my will start as really bad menstrual cramps and then the blockage starts. I am pretty sure I am going to need another surgery soon, but need to find a specialist. Thanks in advance for helping. Meg

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