Re: is there anyone on this forum that has been small bowel

From: ali (
Tue Apr 24 20:46:47 2012

Adhesions have been linked to SIBO or small intestine bacterial over growth. Sibo is a syndrom that arises when the mucles of the gult have impeded motility and bacteria in the colon get backed up in to the small intestine where they do belong causing gas bloating malabsorbtion etc google sibo and adhesions

At Tue, 6 Mar 2012, dorothy wrote: >
>I am just curious if it is possible to go sbo free after having had 3 of
>Is there ANY glimmer of hope for us in this life?????
>I had my last surgery 1 yr ago today, and frankly, I am very anxious
>that that means another one is on the way soon.
>I was on Dr. Oz's website and he mentions something called Active
>Release Therapy for adhesions, what is ART? Has anyone tried it???
>Could parasites and/or candida be the culprit of the sbo's???
>IS THERE HOPE?!!!!!!!!

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