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From: john (
Sat Apr 14 11:36:34 2012

hi all im only new here so here's my story for the last 12 years I have been extreme pain with my abdominal pain constant diarrhea and urine problems I have had every test under the sun which has shown nothing not one day has past that I have been pain free its 24/7 for twelve years no tables help I did have a laparoscope a few years back which they found adhesions and they took my appendix out they took some adhesions out but im not sure how much anyway nothing has changed and I don't attend the hospital any more but they never motioned adhesions they basic said no its not that you will just have to learn to live with the problem recently the pain has gotting worse and is all over my abdominal now and don't know what to do cause they wont listen to me because ive had all the scans im in a corner now and dont think I will pull though if it continues for much longer because my body feels so weak and wants to give i can only go out a few days a week now because of the diarrhea i cant eat for a couple of days before i have to go somewhere because i will double up on the street with pain and diarrhea which is very embarrasing as you imagine the pain just wont stop what should i do.

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