Adhesions.... finally an answer

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 I have had surgeries in the states and out of the country with no luck.  I don't think you can get rid of them, pain management is the choice right now.

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> Subject: Adhesions.... finally an answer
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> Subject: Adhesions.... finally an answer
> Hi all
> Just stumbled across this site, searching for ways to stop my adhesions
> growing back
> (my naturopath swears by Vit E capsules and Zinc).
> My story:
> - When I was 22 (1988) I was admitted to hospital with suspected
> appendicitis.
> After lots and lots of investigations whilst I was in acute pain, they
> decided to take my appendix out and have a look around.
> They found a cyst on my ovary, burst it, and took the appendix out.
> - About a year after this I started to develop 'bowel urgency' which was
> then to be diagnosed as IBS (via barium enema -yuk, and then a
colonscopy). > The urgency to use my bowels (due to diarrhoea and pain), gave me huge
> anxieties and panic disorder... My GP who looked at the barium enema xray,
> said there was a piece of my bowel that looked like it had lost its
> spasicity (???? adhesions is my thoughts now ?????)
> I went to doctors on numerous occasions with my complaints, but were
always > fobbed off that it was in my head.. it was IBS.. deal with it.
> IBS is the diagnosis they give once they have ruled out every other
> possibility.
> I ended up having a laparoscopy about a year or so later and found that I
> had cysts all over my ovaries, which they 'golf balled', which I think
meant > to laser each one. They told me at this stage they were looking for a new
> thing called endo, but I didn't have it.
> - About seven years later (1996) I get diagnosed with panic disorder and
> start taking anti depressants, which alleviate (but not fix) the bowel
> condition.
> - 1999 I fall pregnant by accident (even though they told me I would have
> problems falling pregnant) and decide to keep the baby. Apart from the
baby > having a SUA (single umbilical artery), all was well until labour. Labour
> was intense from the moment it started. After a c-section for not
> progressing, they told me it was probably because baby was posterior...
> maybe this was adhesions too!!!
> Meanwhile bowel still plays up... anxiety and depression aren't great..
> continued lower back pain (for as long as I can remember, not sure when
> exactly it started).
> - 2004 miscarry, trying to get pregnant
> - 2005 pregnant, again no major dramas until labour starts, and
immediately > I am thrown into a full 10/10 pain coming and going every
> 1-2 minutes, until they could organise the c-section (early - was planned
> for the next day). Notice after c-section that they seemed to cut another
> cut right beside the old one (you'd think they'd go over the top of the
old > one??). They also tie my tubes during this procedure, as requested.
> Meanwhile bowel still plays up... anxiety.. depression.. back pain..
> period pain worse than ever.
> - 2009 June I have an endometrial resection (also called an ablation
> apparently) where the inside lining of my uterus is laser cut and pulled
> out. Had this because I was experiencing very very heavy bleeding, anemia,
> and hard clots.
> - 2009 November - I have this really bad left flank pain, really really
> awful. Think it's my back. Go to the chiro who can't give me any relief no
> matter what he tried. Only lasted 6-8 hours. Came in waves, like labour
> pain.

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