Evicel a sealant used in adhesion surgery

From: Fern (Fern777Hill@Yahoo.com)
Sun Aug 28 19:14:37 2011

I found out from a friend of mine that Dr. Clark Gerhart uses Evicel. There are other products out there but this is his first choice. I looked into it and it appears to be extremely safe with little or insignificant side effects. Evicel is used to stop bleeding during surgeries and therefore stops the bleeding associated that appear to be the cause of adhesions. A question was asked to Dr. Gerhart about Surgiwrap a barrier used by many surgeons to control adhesions. The only thing Dr. Gerhart had said about this was he preferred Evicel. It is very difficult to find patients who actually have had these procedures. Hopefully, some will post here.

Fern Hill

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