at my wits end

From: denise (
Sat Aug 6 16:23:30 2011

I had 2 c-sections, a partial hysterecttomy then had other ovary removed. this all started in 1992. from 1993 til 2004 on average a surgery every 6 months to removed adhesions. my last surgery was sept 2009. i have nerve damage on my left side from so many surgeries. i lost count at 30. i am now on gabapentin, tramadol, hyoscyamine for IBS. I hate the thought of even having a bowel movement because I know i will be in bed in horrific pain. My doctor has basically given up on me, says there is nothing he can do. So whats a person to do, when it hurts to sit, hurts to stand, hurts to twist, eat even the blandist diet and still have diarrhea and vomiting on a daily basis? I cannot sleep my physican has given me sleeping pills they do not work, just cannot get comfortable. i am on anxiety meds? nothing seems to help. anyone with advise?

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