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From: Kimberly Stronczek (
Thu Jun 30 21:56:30 2011


I have gone to clear passages in florida numerous times, they were the ones that said I had adhesions after dealing w/ misdiagnosis etc for years. Mine are complicated, not just pelvic, abdominal, but stomach (hernia) spleen, lung, diaphragm, esophagus. When I first went to them about 3 yrs ago, I went for a week and had positive improvement,I wasn't finished with the treatment, but did the best they could. In retrospect, had I had the money ( I had already spent about 20,00) and the support, someone to take me down etc. I would have gone back sooner and believe my health would not have taken the descent it has. I don't have a dr. (they have been awful) nor insurance in my town. I went back about 6 months later, but could not handle

their therapies intially, so I pursued other alternatives, acupuncture, herbs and orthobionomy. Then I slowly began doing clear passage treatment, after about a month, ran out of money again. Then returned maybe 6 to 9mos later can't remember, but had to go real longer could tolerate the therapies as b4...I did orthobionomy, cranial and visceral manipulation w/ others and them, plus added a cold laser...all did help...but a slow process...I stayed in florida for almost 10 months....still working on them & the various complications....quite exhausting...I was in menopause during that time too, so energy level was changing.

I think clear passages is best with scarring in tubes and lighter forms of adhesions, when they get so thick, its difficult. I think a combination of alternatives can be helpful...but everyone is different w/ their particular issues and what works for them. I have now been home over a year, and struggle terribly, see a massage therapist who does visceral manipulation for me, but its not enough and he isn't knowledgeable enough. The folks at clear passages are sweet and kind and truly know a lot about adhesions, so I

would definitely give them a I could share some other therapists in gainesville who might help as well...

All the best, my heart goes out to you and everyone who suffers...blessings to all, Kimberly

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At Sat, 28 May 2011, Robyn S. wrote: >
>Please tell me everything you know about surgical adhesions in abdomen
>and if anyone has been treated successfully resulting in major reduction
>to pain and max improvement to mobility I need to hear from you. Thank

iam doing my best to find someone to help i am in same position as you am in bed most of the time

just started a dialog with -- clear pasage physical therapy gainsville fla look them up on web


would like to  contact  parties  who have  had therapy
at clear passage in fla . relating to  pelvic   pain and cramps   from
adhesions from abdominal from   operations  for diverticulitis

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