Re: Major Adhesions

Sun May 29 16:22:20 2011

I urge you and everyone to call Joe Varon 7136691670. He is working on a paten to dissolve scar tissue. If enough call it might speed him up. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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I only have 2/3 of my small intestines left and about 1/2 inch of my rectum. My Gastrologist in Houston is wanting me have an ilieoscomy. A better quality of life is what he is trying to accomplish. I have an intestinal muscular disease. My intestines flutter, I do not digest my food, and I am in constant pain. My diet has been strict for over 16 years now. (It is funny how you can still gain weight even though you don't eat much and you try to stretch and walk no matter how painful it is.) I wake up in a fetal position most mornings. I have no feeling in the lower abdomin to know when I need to go to the bathroom. The surgeons are refusing to remove the adhesions before installing the bag. I have so far seen 8 surgeons who have refused to do the surgery after running 3-4 days of testing.

I am not one to have surgery often. My last surgery was in June 2009 and the one before that was in 2002. Three months after my last surgery I was in the same shape before the surgery.

There is a Doctor in New York that I had done research on a few years ago. He came highly recommended for adhesions and he has a high % of successful surgeries without reoccurrances. Does anyone know of him?

If there is anyone else you would like to recommend, please do so.

My outlook on life is that I lived 50 blessed years. I have had 7 wonderful grandkids. They range from 4-14. Two sons who God blessed me with. A husband who spends too much time worrying about me and loves me very much. The rest of my immediate family and friends is large and very loving. I spend my time doing what I can for any of them (usually with them opposing).

I believe in making the most of each day and doing what ever I'm capable of doing on that day. We never know what tommorrow brings. Most of my extended family and friends are not aware of my problems or at least not how bad they are.

Each day I pray for the sick, elderly and the children of this world. There are far too many people worse off than I am; therefore, my family and others come before me.

I would appreciate any insight or references anyone may have. Thank you and may God watch over you and yours.


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