Re: adhesions in chest cavity

From: Dianne C (
Sun Apr 17 12:06:34 2011

Absolutely this could be adhesions. I have had this same thing happen to me. But now it has been hurting and pulling more in the abdominal and pelvic region. It makes me real tired. I hope she gets help. I haven't yet.

At Wed, 6 May 2009, rhonda wrote: >
>My sister had open heart surgery about 6 years ago. She had
>develoveped an
>involuntary movement of the tongue that some doctors seem to think is
>related to some of the medication that she has been taking, but along
>with this she has developed a sensation of "tugging from her chest to
>her groin." It makes her terribly unconfortable and makes her feel like she
cannot >breathe.
>Could this be adhesions? The doctors don't see any problems, but she
>says the sensations make her just want to lay down because it is so tiring.


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