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Why don't you ask your Dr. for a referral to a pain management Dr? You never know, maybe he or she may be able to refer you to a Dr. that hopefully can help with some of the pain or maybe the psychologist could refer you.


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> I just wanted to comment that I completely understand exactly where you
> are coming from. In 9 years I've had 16 abdominal surgeries and am in
> constant pain. 3 months ago I had them removed again and had pain
> relief for about a month. I'm just now starting to see a psychologist
> next week. The isolation, depression and anxiety has me overwhelmed. My
> primary care physician refuses to prescribe any form of pain medication.
> My surgeon refuses to see me further because she says there is nothing
> she can do. I am constantly in the ER for pain and fear of another
> obstruction. The fact that I don't glow in the dark from all the
> catscans and xrays seriously surprises me!
> I apologize for ranting but honestly this is the first time I've ever
> encountered anyone that could possibly understand! I'm so excited I
> found this website!
> At Sun, 20 Mar 2011, Sevenangels wrote:
> >
> >Adhesions survivor and sufferer for 4 years. Had abdominoplasty to
> >remove 4 pounds of adhesions. Did well for 3 months then bam they came
> >back big time. Feel like guinea pig with shots, needles, trigger point
> >this, new costly drug that doesn't work that. Sick of it all and need
> >advice. Was on oxycodone 5 2-3 per day and doing well. Have gone to
> >psychologist since day 1 since i have been fearful of narcotic pain meds
> >and ive wanted to make sure any psychological issues dealing with the
> >pain are properly dealt with.recently my Pcp sends me to pm who changes
> >to nucynta and a TENS unit and I'm not doing well at all. Pain worse,
> >headache and serious stomach issues with this med and yeah it isn't a
> >cheap med either. Pm discussed butrans patch anyone know about this
> >one? I'm not sure why they changed what was working. It is bad enough
> >to feel the pain but not only can you feel the adhesions you can see
> >them on the right side of my stomach so it isn't like it is this mystery
> >diagnosis or anything. Im not willing to go the surgical route again. I
> >have 2 young kids and 2 jobs that I have to keep but at this rate I'm
> >losing function and scared. Im turning 40 this year and I have too much
> >to do to be down with constant pain. Ugh sorry for the vent, thanks for
> >reading and if you have any advice on how I cAn assert myself to these
> >docs without them thinking I'm some crazed lunatic I'd be grateful.

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