Pain Management

From: angela (
Sat Jan 29 18:22:51 2011

I unfortunately live with daily pain some days the pain is unbearable.Last week i went to my scheduled appointment with my Pain Management physician I had been in tremendous pain with pain upon walking. I informed the Pain Management MD of the pain. He was writing in my chart without looking up shrugged his shoulders & said "you should of gone to the er". I could not believe the arrogance & uncaring statement.He didn't examine me or question the scale of pain, ask me what I have done for pain relief.I told him I did not go to the er because all they do is give me morphine order a bunch of tests & blood work send me home & I still have the same problem PAIN.I told him just to walk in the er my coinsurance is $300.00 because I am not working & already know what the er is going to do I decided to keep my pain management appointment & not go to the er.Still he did not look at me & made no other comment.He then handed me the same narcotic prescription & ordered an MRI for my back.I could not believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so evident that this provider has no care or concern for my health!This man is supposed to be one of the best providers in his field!The narcotic he prescribes isn't working any more I have been on it since 2008.I am just so upset feeling this way & being under the care of physicians who lack knowledge about adhesions related disorder. Is any one else going through this?

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