From: jeni (
Tue Jan 4 09:39:39 2011

I could go into a long drawn out story and I did but my computer blinked so I don't know if it posted or not so I'll try it again but shorter. I've been sick a really long time and I live in a really uneducated state as far as adhesions are concerned. I just found this website and couldn't believe that there were others going through what I was but here is my problem. In the last year my situation has escalated to the point that I get no relief from the pain meds they have me on and the adhesions are growing and spreading at an alarming rate and the pain is so unbearable that I sometimes have trouble just to walk and can no longer ride anywhere unless it is to go to the doctors because it takes so long to recover from the pain. Do they ever prescribe pumps or ports for adhesion patients when they are far gone. 'we know my intestines are rotting so even though they never say this happens this can't last forever. I just wondered if anyone had ever gotten more aggresive pain help. I don't think I can last much longer like this. My pain doctor told me he thought my heart wouldn't take much more pain of this magnitude.

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