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From: Virginia Brill (
Tue Jan 4 09:37:39 2011

Sorry to hear about your health problems. There isn't a doctor in Maryland. There is only a handful of doctors who treat us in the US. Your Closest is PA. Dr Clark Gerhart. Just Google his name he has a website. As far as your ins. join the club. My insurance will not cover out of network. It cost me about 12 thousand dollars a year because of ARD.

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> I have had 9 abdominal surgeries including hysterectomy and cystectomy
> with
> urinary diversion. I had a pyloroplasty in May of 2010 during which the
> doctor found that the bottom of my stomach had been attached to my
> liver....the reason for the pain that I complained about for 4 years. I
> woke up from the surgery pain free (other than usual post-op stuff) and
> was
> eating and very active for 5 months. Suddenly one day the pain in the
> upper
> right abdomen started again and has not let up. I have been hospitalized
> 6
> times and all of the GI docs say there is nothing they can do. Last set
> of
> docs said that the problem is probably adhesions but that no one would do
> anything about them unless they caused a total bowel obstruction. My life
> has fallen apart since mid-October and I can not believe that there is NO
> doctor that would be willing to help me with this. My insurance does not
> cover outside of Maryland.

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