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If I make it to the end of January I will have 3 years without a surgery. I have done some research for a good Dr. in my area. His name is Dr.Collin Brathwaite. He works out of Winthrop Hospital In Long Island New York! You can check him out on line! I hope this helps! I am to the point I think I need him also. If anyone can get lido-cane infusions. I found some relief from them, but now because they don't bring me enough relief to get back to work I cant have them anymore. Very stupid don't you think. I have more than abdominal and pelvic issues, I also fell from a ladder 4 years ago and I am dealing with neck and back issues as well. This really stinks and you all know that's not the word I want to use right know. May we all make it through another day! Thanks for letting me vent! Debbie B NY

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Dr. Jay Redan Celebration, FL   The very best....4000 operations exclusively for adhesions   Torresdale

[admin note: please verify directly w/the physician on their Skill sets, knowledge and # of related operations performed]

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Hi All, I am hoping someone can help me find a doctor in my area who is familiar with adhesions.  I have had 6 abdominal surgeries and as a result suffer from partial bowel obstructions & severe pain from all of the adhesions.  I live in Ocean Twp New Jersey and can't find a specialist who deals with this.  All my other doctors say there is nothing they can do.  They just give me pain meds that I don't like to take, but sometimes I have no choice.  I hope someone can refer a doc to me.  Thanks so much!


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