Need information on a doctor near Knoxville TN that can help with

From: Rayshell (
Wed Dec 8 19:04:56 2010

I am a 40 year old woman. Here is a little about my history:

1997--Partial Hysterectomy Surgery 1998--Ovarian Cyst Surgery 2003--Removal of my Left Ovary 2008--Removal of my Large Colon 2009--Removal of Adhesion 2009--Exploratory Surgery 2009--Bowel Obstruction Surgery 2010--Removal of Right Ovary & Bowel Obstruction Surgery

I've had several abdominal surgeries. A month ago I started having serious abdominal pain, and it seems like pulling sensations in the right side and lower part of my abdomen. I also had electric like shooting pains and lower back pain. I can't sleep, or if I do go to sleep the pain wakes me. The doctors tell me there is NOTHING that can be done. That it's best I just deal with the pain. My husband and two children would like their mom and wife to be in some kind of a comfort zone. can you PLEASE help me. I am still young and would like to be able to live my life. My work, my family and I am all suffering. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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