Wed Dec 8 18:59:44 2010

I went to dr redan in orlando and had spray shield as part of a study over a year ago and I am adhesion and pain free for the first time in 10 years. Good luck hope all goes well for you!

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I am trying to help out my daughter find the right Doctor that would be able to help her.She is 36, mother of two. Has had 2 cesareans and one fallopian tube removed when she was 16. She went to the OBGYN Doctor and had a small surgery where they just go in through your navel and take out the the endemetriosis which she thought was causing her symptoms. His findings were that he really couldn't even see in the cavity because he said everything was stuck to one another, such as her uterus was stuck to her intestines and etc. She has symptoms of abdominal pain mostly when it is around her period time. Very bad cramping when she tries to move her bowels and at the time of before and during the period she had black stools, also pencil stools and now back pain. She doesn't know what type of Doctor she should go to. Her obgyn or abdominal surgeon.Is is getting worse The Doctor who tried to do the laproscopy said that the only way she could have a hysterectomy was to go in through the abdomen and remove all the scar tissue. It is getting worse now and don't know where to go. Can you please help??


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