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Thu Dec 2 22:05:57 2010

Dr. Clark Gerhart - Plains PA he has a website

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> I just had a laparascopy with Dr. Edward Domingez at Riverside
> Methodist Hospital. He is a wizard with adhesions and has an
> understanding of what this disease does to us. Compassion is the term I
> and my PCP came up with. If you are interested contact me by e-mail and
> I will provide you further info...
> Joani H
> At Wed, 10 Nov 2010, Chris wrote:
>>Try the University of Pitsburg ... they have a great small bowel
>>program and they may be able to help her. Good luck
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>>>There is a good dr. in California his name is Dr. Andrew Cook for laser
>>>surgery.Look him up online. He is not hard to find. Joan
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>>>Subject: PLEASE HELP
>>>My sister is dealing with a lot of pain, it seems that no doctor cares.
>>>Has our medical community become worse than our mechanics??
>>>She lives in Pennsylvania and is disabled she has had 25 surgeries AND
>>>IS ONLY 33!
>>>The adhesion's are stopping her from living and she needs A GOOD

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