just need a little venting moment

From: Jenny (kummer_jennifer1@hotmail.com)
Fri Nov 19 23:06:44 2010

Hi..so its been a while since I have posted. But have been hospitalized 3 times in the past few months for pain due to abdominal/pelvic adhesions. Sigh. I have had 11 surgeries..stemming from infertility and endometriosis to now dealing with the same old issues of adhesions. I am lucky to have a great primary Dr. whom has been treating me for over 5 years now. and We are at the point where I can call him and he will direct admit me for pain control! thank God! I just am feeling a bit defeated...I currently am taking oral dilaudid for pain and zofran for nausea...but then the nausea and vomitting kick in so bad that I can't keep the pills down!! and the pain seems to be on the increase...again!!!!!!!

Anyway --- thanks for listening. Like I said just needed to vent!!! off to take some meds and try to get a litte rest!!!

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