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From: Dawn (
Fri Nov 19 23:03:52 2010

I have been treated by Dr. Steege at UNC chapel hill and he is one of the best on the east coast. I don't go to their pain clinic though as it's an 8 hour drive for me. Good luck! Dawn

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I'm looking for a dr that will treat me (the person). I do not take "recreational" drugs. I need pain relief! I don't have a life because of the pain. My family doesn't have a mother or grandmother because the pain is so bad, that some days I can't get out of bed! I've been to the pain clinics here in my town and the ones that I have been able to see, gave me the injections and nerve blocks. They just didn't work. Most of the pain management clinics won't treat my kind of pain. They feel there's nothing they can do for the adhesion's and scar tissue I have. I'm just looking for a doctor/clinic where I live (southeast coast of NC). I travel 4 hours now for yearly checkups from the dr who did my last surgery. I do appreciate you responding to my email but I do hope that people that are just looking for drugs (for recreational use), should not be using this site asking for help! Please, if anyone has info on a dr near NC that they can recommend, I would be so grateful! And thank you everyone for being here to listen to me go on! I don't know what I would do without all of your support!

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I assume you are looking for a doctor who will treat you but also write you a script for some form of narcotics. Many of the Pain Management clinic are not taking new patients. So many people taking prescription drugs recreationally the DEA has really cracked down on doctors, pain clinics and scripts. I have found that even though a doctor is a pain management doctor they do not write scripts. Doctors are doing injections, blocks and other therapy so you want to check that out what the doctor will do. Check what your states laws are concerning narcotics are.

I live in Kansas and I am lucky to get Hydrocodone. It has taken me a year to finally get into a pain management doctor here. The dea is really cracking down here. My doctor has to fill out a form monthly because I am one of two patients she writes a script for hydrocodone too.

Good luck. Alta

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I've had adhesion's now for 14 years. you all know how life changing it can be. I need to find an understanding doctor in my area. Can anyone help with that? I live in on the southeast coast of NC. about an hour away from Myrtle Beach. I've been to almost everyone here in my town and they can't or won't help. I've tried looking up drs in my area and when i call they say.. we don't take chronic pain patients. Even the pain clinics won't because it's not a spine or neck injury. I would really appreciate anyone's help. thanks in advance and i hope you all have a day with a little less pain! Glad your all here! shelly


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