Need Dr in or near Charlotte, NC

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Adrienne, I am so sorry to hear about all that you are going through. You are very young, unfortunately Adhesions don't have an age restriction. I don't live in or around where you do, I just felt compelled to write to you. All that you are going through I have been there. My son's are older though. It would be so hard to have young kids like you do. I have survived on shakes, Gatorade, the BRAT diet, yogurt, even Slim Fast etc... I am concerned about your diet. Have you tried Ensure? Even soft foods like scr. eggs, mashed potatoes, soups, broth?? I know how hard it is ti even cook. Just trying to help. Do you still suffer from Colitis related problems too. Do you have any Family support from your side, or your Husbands side? Have any Dr.'s been able to help you with any medications? Like something for nausea? Diarrhea? Pain? Even Benadryl helps with Nausea. I do take Phenergan for nausea, I also have IBS and when it gets bad I take Hyomax-FT to help with the cramping and diarrhea. Along with heavy duty pain meds. I sound like a walking pharmacy. I sure wish I could help you. It just breaks my heart that you are so ill and have a young family. I get so fed up with what I go through I know how you feel. I have been dealing with them since 2002 after a bowel surgery. I have had atotal of 11 abdominal surgeries. I even went to Germany in 2005 for Adhesion surgery. I did very well after surgery and it was so wonderful to not feel the horrible pain, to stand up straight and not constantly doubling over. I got hurt 7 weeks post-op, returned to work way too soon and ended up just hurting myself. I also had another surgery Gallbladder in 2007, that was it! The adhesion monsters just went CRAZY!!! I am worse than I was before I went to Germany. I would love to go again but don't have the money. I know there in a Dr. in Florida at C.A.P.P.S. Dr. Redan. Unfortunetly with adhesions there are no guarantees when you have surgery. Do you ever go in to Urgent Care, or the E.R? when you are so bad? they may help with referrals too. I have gone in a few times this year. I had never gone before, my Gastro does this for me. I go in for I.V. Therapy. 1-2 bags of Saline for dehydration, something for nausea, and either Morpheine, or Dilauded for my pain. Last time they even gave me Benadryl too. It's hard because by the time I get in for help I am really losing it! I always wait too long, or my pain is so horrid that I can't even walk to go anywhere. I curl into a ball rocking and sobbing for up to 6 plus hours at a time. It is just so unfair all that we go through, and then having Dr's doubting us is just inexcuseable! If you need someone to listen, or to email back and forth with, I am here. You take care, and Good Luck! Cheryl

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> Subject: Need Dr in or near Charlotte, NC
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> Subject: Need Dr in or near Charlotte, NC
> I am suffering from adhesions after an emergency Right Colectomy due to
> necrotic large bowel caused by Ischemic Colitis in 2008. I am only 28
> years old and this is putting tremendous strain on myself & family (I
> have 2 young children whom this is also affecting). My quality of life
> is poor, I struggle to get through each work day, calling out & leaving
> early very often and being sick in bed with nausea, diarrhea (this
> increases my pain by far), anorexia (it hurts so much to eat) and of
> course debilitating pain on my days off. I have no life anymore, it
> only constant pain & sickness. Majority of my meals consist of nothing
> but a milkshake. I have seen countless Dr's and none of them seem to
> understand or even care about the severity of this condition. Please
> refer me to any Dr with experience in treating ARD. I have no advicate
> & feel so alone. I'm hanging on by a string, please help...
> Adrienne

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