Denied SSDI Again!

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Don't allow the pain to win. I know that sounds easy to say, but you have to believe that their is help for you. I suffered for years, with most of the Doctors that I went to telling me   "adhesions don't hurt"........I only wish that they get to feel for one hour what so many have suffered with for years.  I told one of them that once.............He didn't like me very much.........but perhaps if he knew what it was like he would not say such a stupid thing.   My last surgery was a little over two years now....knock on wood.......and I have been pain free since. I will keep you in my prayers that you find a solution that will work for you......................Jeanne

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> Congratulations Dawn, I can't even count how many times I've
> been turned
> down now. I've had to file a second claim and have been denied
> once. I'm so
> frustrated, the pain is more than enough to deal with. I had my
> last surgery
> August 5th and it did help some but there is something not right
> with my
> bladder. The pelvic pain is unbearable. I try not to drink very
> much because
> of the pain and I sleep a lot. At some point the Urologist is
> going to take
> a look inside my bladder. Sometimes I want to go to sleep and
> just never
> wake up.
> Wendy

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