Dr Semertzides

From: Waiting (joellanall@hotmail.com)
Sat Oct 23 19:29:28 2010

Anybody else out there waiting for surgery by Dr. Semertzides? I was scheduled to have surgery in July, 2010 at Bethesda North Hospital in Cincinnati. My surgery was canceled and I am now waiting..... Something about the hospital having to approve something. I am very frustrated and am getting tired of waiting. I really want him to do the surgery because I know he is good, but I have no idea how long I will have to wait. Just wondering if any more of his patients are on here. Would love to hear from you.

I took Lupron shots for three months.  They worked wonders!  The ONLY side
effect I endured were hot flashes.  I had
no bone density loss or anything else.  It was well worth it to me.

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