Re: back pain and rib cage pain

From: Jennifer (
Sat Oct 16 23:42:42 2010

My pain is the exact same. I had surgery for endo. and my pain is always on the left side. Abdominal distention is horrible!

At Fri, 28 May 2010, Sara wrote: >
>Hi Kimberly: That's the exact spot I get pain as well. Left rib cage.
>(most of my pain is pelvic area) I do get lower back pain when the
>abdomen is really acting up.
>>Does anyone who suffers from adhesions experience ribcage pain and back
>>pain? I am wondering if I have something else going on as well. I get
>>chest pain too. Can adhesions from a laparoscopy travel so high that
>>they would cause a grueling non stop pain in the lower left ribcage?
>Sara in Denton.

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