Abdominal adhesions at age 23

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I am so sorry that you are suffering like many  of us!  I have suffered with several bowel obstructions, removed my large intestine and liased adhesion procedure, this year.  Sad to say, they are back again!  I receive trigger point injections to help with the adhesion pain.  Hang on and may God give you the peace of mind to deal with the daily pain! G. Clark   > Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 01:11:07 -0500
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> Subject: Abdominal adhesions at age 23
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> Subject: Abdominal adhesions at age 23
> I am feeling very disheartened and decided that maybe typing it out will
> help a little. I have been dealing with adhesions for almost two years
> now... It all started during my senior year of college when I was
> almost about to graduate with my B.S. in dental hygiene. I had an
> emergency appendectomy that went undetected for some time in the ER (Dr.
> couldn't find it on the ultrasound, missed it on the CT, and I waited
> for 9 hours before going to the ER because I wanted to take one of my
> finals and get it over with: overachiever and opposite of hypochondriac-
> yes). My appendix was down lower and more towards my back than most
> people's and the surgeon, although he did it laparscopically, had a
> difficult time getting it out. It had started to rupture, was
> gangrenous, and all the inflammatory fluid had caused my uterus to be
> inflamed as well.
> Well, a couple of months later, when I was finally starting to feel back
> to normal, I kept waking up in the night feeling like my bladder was
> full, even though it wasn't. Then a month after that started, I ended
> up in the ER with severe abdominal and lower back pain.
> Long story short, I spent months and months trying to convince people I
> wasn't nuts. I was told by most people that the ER wasn't the place for
> me, that I was making it up, or was too traumatized by my appendectomy.
> Being the farthest thing from a hypochondriac, this was all very
> frustrating. Finally I found someone who believed that i was in pain
> but not that I had adhesions (because I didn't have a bowel obstruction,
> they said it was impossible), and I had a exploratory lap surgery
> again... sure enough, they found exactly what I knew I had had-
> adhesions... right where my appendix had been. I had been researching
> and whatnot for months and thought that that was what it would be, but
> no one would believe me. They lysed the adhesions but warned me they
> could very well come back. Sure enough, i'm back to where I was last
> year. I was going to start school to go back and take the pre-reqs for
> medicine, but I can no longer exercise, lift, scuba dive, or even sit in
> small cars very well. I'm nauseated all the time, had to drop out of
> school after the first few weeks because walking to class was killing
> me. I've been in the ER so many times, I'm fed up. I'm exhausted cause
> I can't sleep through the night because every time i lay down, it feels
> like something is pushing on my bladder. I have always been active, and
> at the age of 23, I don't want to look forward to the rest of my life
> being like this. i'm on the bathroom floor more than anything because
> the pain gets so bad, i can't stop throwing up. I really despise this
> and I want to believe that there is some hope. i have so much I want to
> do with my life and I want to be able to be active and pursue my dreams
> again. Sigh, well, I wanted to vent apparently. :)

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