Adhesions w/ extreme pain

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You might trya a pain mangment Dr. who does pain pumps. 


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> Subject: Adhesions w/ extreme pain
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> Subject: Adhesions w/ extreme pain
> I'm so glad at least that it's not in mind, like everyone around me keep
> telling me. 10 years now, I've had a complete hysterectomy with a
> torsion removal(one of my ovaries actually died and sent me into septic
> poisioning). I've been through pain doctor after pain doctor and the
> give me the bare minmum and then make me feel like a drug addict..becuz
> they don't work!! It's humilating and demoralizing. Now they say, oh
> yes it's adhesions, but there's nothing left to do, live with it!! I
> CAN'T!! Some days even moving is so painful...I crawl to the bathroom!!
> Some days the pain is so bad that even all the heating pads and
> medication still does NOTHING!! I am at my wits ends, like I've read
> from many of you!! I'm gonna please with my doctors!! I even have to
> plead with my husband to understand, he try's, but still just doesn't
> get it!! As with most of you I don't eat, but can't lose wait either cuz
> it's to painful to exersize!! Has anyone had any help from this pain, or
> gone about it in a way so others WILL believe that they are really in
> pain!! Anyone who wants to talk to me or has any ideas, please feel free
> to e-mail me Thanks for who ever made this
> webpage!! At least now I know I'm not alone!!!!!!!
> --
> Extremely hoping to get rid or control this pain!!, Jamie

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